Forty Fort Meeting House
and Cemetery

Interment Records

The following are scans of the original Forty Fort Cemetery Interment records. In some instances, the individual records may be out of order. If you are unable to locate the desired record check the pages before and after the one you originally selected. Begin by selecting the letter of the Last Name. Next find the year of interment. Each interment page span a number of years. Page will open a new window. Use your internet browser File commands to SAVE AS or PRINT the record. Click Here to view Cemetery Plot Map. (opens new window) .

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In Memoriam

In June of 1972, Hurricane Agnes caused devestating floods and destroyed parts of the Forty-Fort Cemetery. Over 2,700 grave sites were destroyed. Of these 1,410 individual remains, caskets and burial vaults were recovered. The remaining burials were forever lost, having disintergrated due to age, or were buried by the flood waters under residual piles of sand and gravel.

Between 1973 and 1975 the cemetery underwent repairs and restoration, however the topography was forever changed by the flooding and to plot out the burial lots in accordance with the pre-flood plan was physically impossible.

As an alternative, it was decided to establish a park over the area and to dedicate it to the memory of all those persons whose gravesites had been destroyed.

Please see In Memoriam and Flood of 1972 pages for more information.