Forty Fort Meeting House
and Cemetery

The Forty Fort Cemetery is located at 20 River Street in Forty Fort, and was founded on April 16, 1869. It is operated by the Forty Fort Cemetery Association.

The Forty Fort Cemetery has many markers, with names forever linked to Wyoming Valley history.

Among the more well-known names is that of Elinor Wylie, a famed poet and novelist of the early 20th century, whose maiden name was Hoyt and is buried in the Hoyt plot. Also of note was a memorial for three former headmasters of Wyoming Seminary, who were buried in the cemetery until the 1972 Agnes Flood.

In 1972, flooding from Hurricane Agnes devastated the cemetery. An estimated 2,700 graves were displaced. Of these 1,410 individual remains, caskets and burial vaults were recovered. The remaining burials were forever lost, having disintergrated due to age, or were buried by the flood waters under residual piles of sand and gravel.

Between 1973 and 1975 the cemetery underwent repairs and restoration, however the topography was forever changed by the flooding and to plot out the burial lots in accordance with the pre-flood plan was physically impossible.

As an alternative, it was decided to establish a park over the area and to dedicate it to the memory of all those persons whose gravesites had been destroyed.

The 1,410 burials which were recovered were reinterred in individual graves at the Memorial Shrine Cemetery. Of these, 36 were identified by inscriptions or plates on caskets or vaults. A number of these were later removed to other cemeteries and others were relocated within Memorial Shrine Cemetery.

In 1988 The Forty Fort Cemetery Association published "In Memorium", a booklet in memory of those persons whose gravesites were destroyed by the flood waters of the Susquehanna River.